Geek Gear of the Week

For the die-hard Gatsby fan in your life who will totally get this somewhat obscure The Great Gatsby reference, here is a "West Egg/East Egg" necklace from Modcloth.  The charm is a clever allusion to the dichotomous cities Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby inhabit during that infamous summer... And now to decide... Who's going to wear old money versus who's going to wear new money?

Product page on modcloth.com

It's always fun to see which characters Funko will turn into large-eyed, large-headed plastic creatures next.  As a collector myself, I was thrilled to see Funko release eight new "Arrested Development" Pop figurines.  Not surprisingly, the "Tobias" rendition takes the cake for the quirkiest figurine, dressed in his beloved cutoffs...

Product page: funko.com

And finally, for the Frozen fans out there who either happen to be sisters by blood or just feel like real sisters - an Anna and Elsa t-shirt set that is sure to draw some adoring "awww"s.  You can order the shirt set from CreateCropCustomShop's store on Etsy.  They are perfect attire for your next Disneyland trip!

Product page: etsy.com

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