Sparking the Imagination: A Look into Flint Books

A Flint Book: Artwork by Kevin Meier (Check out the Kickstarter page here!)
When I was in fourth grade, my whole class participated in a writing program in which we could write original stories on lined pages, adorn them with illustrations, and then have them laminated and bound with real spines by our teacher.  Yes, the illustrations were in crayon, and the writing was very much at a fourth-grade level, but that program changed my life.  From that school year up until this day, I have always believed I was meant to tell stories and to write.  I find great fulfillment in doing so.

Allowing young minds to do the storytelling is the specialty of Flint Books.  They are called Flint Books because, as creator Kevin Meier says: "...kids are amazing storytellers, but sometimes they just need a little spark."  The books are designed to give kids just enough visual inspiration to get them started on their own completely original tale.  There is even a space for them to dedicate the book and write a little "About the Author!"  The eye-catching and detailed illustrations by artist Kevin Meier are each followed by several lined, blank pages for the author to tell the story of what they imagine to be happening in the picture.  The series will most likely be released in a subscription format.  Kids will periodically receive a new book - each one containing a fresh adventure.

I once heard Christopher Paolini, author of The Inheritance Cycle series, speak during a fantasy authors panel at Comic-Con.  He said that when beginning a new book, he "starts with an image coupled with an emotion," and forms the story trying to reach that moment.  Paolini published his first book at 19 years old, so his method appears to be effective, and this is exactly the idea behind Flint Books.  If you are looking for the perfect tool to encourage a young, creative mind that you know, please hear what the artist himself has to say in his video, and check out the Kickstarter Campaign for Flint Books.  There are only 18 more days to back the project!  Also, to be among the first to receive announcements about Flint Books, you can enter your email here.  Let's get this fire started!

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