For the Collectors Out There: "Hollywood Treasure"

Sometimes, deep in the bowels of Netflix's streaming selections, after wading through a hundred different B movies and other obscure titles, one happens upon a treasure - "Hollywood Treasure," to be exact. I can't actually take credit for discovering this addictive show - one of my besties checked out the program and knew I would love it.

"Hollywood Treasure" is a "Pawn Stars" style show, except the name of the game is auctions, and the big ticket items are purely movie and television memorabilia. Even though I am separated from Joe Maddalena's company Profiles in History and their auctions by about 400 miles, it feels like you can almost reach out and touch some of the invaluable pieces of movie and television history that Joe and his team find. Even if you are not a collector, if you are at all interested in 60s television, science fiction, Disney, comics, iconic movies, etc., you will find something that fascinates you while watching "Hollywood Treasure." At the very least, you might learn something. And of course, it's nice to live vicariously through these mysterious millionaire collectors who will drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on a prop. :)

I'm only part way through Season One, and some of the highlights so far include one of Ripley's flame thrower guns from "Alien," concept art from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty," and Superman comic #1. Aside from all the unique, rare, and historical items you will get to see on "Hollywood Treasure," you're also going to see Joe get to meet and interview with some pretty cool people, including Stan Lee, Christopher Judge (Teal'c in "Stargate"), and Stan Winston's family.

Check it out! You're going to be hooked!

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