Lindsey Stirling Makes A Skyrim Music Video - Need I Say More?

So there's this incredibly talented girl named Lindsey Stirling who is known for totally conquering songs (often scores from video games or movies) with her violin and her cute, wide-eyed style. She can sing, dance, cosplay, make beautiful music videos, and of course - play the violin like a boss. This girl does it all. I am a big fan of her projects - particularly this Lord of the Rings medley and this Zelda medley - but I think I may have a new favorite. She has recruited the skills of a one Peter Hollens to create the awesome Skyrim theme violin cover, which you can watch below:

So good, right? The music of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is gorgeous and stirring, and I think the two of them do it justice. You can subscribe to Lindsey's YouTube channel by clicking here.

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  1. She's amazing as always, come join our facebook fan group! (: https://www.facebook.com/groups/470715036278844/