Here's The Thing About Pinterest...

I first heard about Pinterest through a close friend of mine. Then I was hearing about Pinterest through about five friends of mine. I didn't want any part of it. I thought, what do I need a virtual bulletin board for? I keep my craft ideas in my head or at work, I keep my recipes in my recipe book, and when I have the money to decorate a house (first on the list, buy a house), I will figure out what kind of kitchen I want then.

WRONG. I was wrong A) because Pinterest is not just for people who like to cook and craft and B) it is a handy tool in more than one way. What eventually won me over to Pinterest was the fact that I could promote my blog through my account (not aggressively, mind you - Pinterest is not primarily for advertising). My first board was Geek Gear, which I used to remember geeky objects and art that I thought were adorable so I could share them with fellow geeks and blog about them - bringing attention to the artist - if I felt compelled to.

Here's the thing about Pinterest: it lets you collect to your heart's content. As a geek who has collected everything from little figurines like the one Dwight admires in Season 7: Episode 2 of "The Office" to "Lord of the Rings" memorabilia to books to shoes, I  have finally come to see the value in a tool that lets you collect without crowding yourself out of your own living space, or crowding humanity off of this planet. As we all know, most Americans have a lot of stuff. We like stuff. Is it bad that Pinterest potentially contributes to this habit of gathering stuff? I don't think so. Pinterest is less like a bulletin board and more like a communal brainstorm that the internet will remember forever so you can always go back and see what you brainstormed. Pinterest helps me run a geek blog, be a more interesting cook, and plan a fictitious Shire-themed wedding so I don't actually have to become contractually linked to another human being. I kid! I kid! :) I would actually like to have a Shire-themed wedding someday (don't steal my idea...).

If I can find so many uses for Pinterest, I think anyone can. It doesn't hurt to check it out, and it doesn't hurt to go crazy, either. :)

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  1. Heheh a Shire themed wedding. What a cute idea. There has to be a giant dragon firework though.