This Week's Window Shopping

I have long lusted after and looked for Ripley's Reeboks in "Aliens." Well, this week, on Pinterest, I found a pair very reminiscent of those... Unfortunately, it appears these red-and-grey ones that I like are already sold out, but still - awesome. :)

Product page
On the subject of shoes, I love TOMS - they are so comfy and versatile. So, naturally, I fell in love with these hand-painted R2D2 TOMS that I found (again) on Pinterest.

Product page
I guess it's nice for geeks that geeky weddings and all their related trappings are becoming more acceptable (we would have gone ahead with them anyway...). So, if your geeky wedding happens to be Star Wars-themed - or even if it's not, and you're just a fan of unique rings - here is a Star Wars-themed wedding band (I saw this on The Mary Sue):

Product page
And last, but not least - the granddaddy of all the geek gear I perused this week... LORD OF THE RINGS LEGOS!!! I was particularly entranced by the Helm's Deep Lego set, which is (when I have the expendable income) going to set me back about $130. But it's HELM'S DEEP MADE OF LEGOS!!! My future children will play with this set, or they will not play with toys at all. ;)

You can view the other exciting LotR Lego sets here.

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