This Week's Window Shopping

This week's window shopping was actually sort of a shopping spree... There was just so much good geek gear out there!

To start, this binary wrist watch from UncommonGoods, which Fashionably Geek is going to let one of their fans win sometime next week:

Via Fashionably Geek
I also found these adorable Hello Kitty iPhone cases:

For sale on Ebay
If I had a laptop, and if it were a Mac (those are two very big and unlikely "ifs"), I would definitely have to have this Frodo laptop decal:

Via Pinterest via Uniquedaily.com
Even if you're not a Star Wars fan, you have to admit this Boba Fett purse has a sharp look to it. Unfortunately, it's not for sale on catpenfold's Etsy page at the moment, but her other stuff is worth checking out, as well. :)

Via Fashionably Geek via Etsy.com
Also from the treasure trove that is Etsy, these "His and Hers" mugs with Han Solo and Princess Leia's famous romantic exchange on them, by LennyMud:

Product Page
And last but not least, in celebration of "The Hunger Games" movie coming out tonight, and of my highly anticipated viewing of it tomorrow night, a sweet Hunger Games shirt for the ladies, by DreamDesignShop:

Product Page
Love changed the games. Yes, yes it did.

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