Halo 4: A Behind-the-Scenes Video

Here's a brief but cool video on what we can expect for Halo 4, including the addition of some story to the multiplayer aspect of the game, as well as a whole new array of sound effects. Take a look:

I found "Halo 4: First Look" via Set Phasers to LOL.


  1. Hi Michelle, sorry for the off topic on your post, but we're just debuting a new 2.1 version of the Discworld Reading Order Guide (I'm Krzysztof Kietzman, the creator) which can be found here: http://discworldfanatics.co.uk/discworld/reading-guide/. And I had your site bookmarked since you mentioned the previous version. So here you go :-). I hope the new version spreads like fire, since it's updated for 2012.

    1. Thanks for the link, Krzysztof! And thanks for your hard work on such a handy guide. If you don't mind, I'll help you spread the link like fire by letting my readers know there is a new version. :)