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The Trailer for "The Raven"

There is obviously a trend in the media of late that likes to reboot historical or literary figures and imagines an entire side to their existence that we did not know about. Historical inaccuracies aside, I find this very exciting. The latest example in this trend is "The Raven," a film in which a serial killer is using Edgar Allan Poe's short stories for inspiration, and the famous writer must employ his assist dark imagination to assist the authorities in tracking down the killer. John Cusack is to play Poe. (Eeeeek! Right?) And Luke Evans, who is to play Bard the Bowman in Peter Jackson's upcoming Hobbit film, will play Detective Emmett Fields in "The Raven."

Apparently the trailer, which you can watch below, was first released at Comic-Con, and I missed it probably because it was in Hall H. Hall H is a nightmare, but that's another story. Oh, and buckle up, because - not surprisingly - it looks like it will be a fairly intense and gruesome film. The trailer reflects that.

Unfortunately, the trailer pretty much maps out the whole movie, and I think we can guess the story arc right this instant - a crime that trailers so often commit. But I think it looks pretty good, and I will definitely go see it. I will never forget being ten years old and reading my little paperback-bound collection of Poe's short stories in bed. They were entrancing and chill-inducing, and it should be interesting to see so many of them jam-packed into one film.

What do you think? You think you will brave the corpses and pendulums to go see it? (I just realized they could have made more money on this if they had released it in October, haha.)


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