Tablet Traitor

The evolution of the kindling of Michelle's desire to own a tablet (pun intended):

Phase one - "I could never get used to a tablet. I like holding an actual book in my hands too much."

Phase two - "Tablets are kinda cool - but I collect books. It just wouldn't be the same not being able to add a newly purchased book to my shelves."

Phase three - "Hmmm. A lot of my friends and favorite authors have tablets. Hmmm."

Phase four - I read this.

Phase five - "I wonder if I can fit a Kindle Fire into my next paycheck... I've also got to save for Comic-Con, and a trip to see my cousin..."

Of course, this evolution took place over a matter of years, but I still feel like a bit of a traitor. I used to be one of those book purists who could not imagine reading a novel from an electronic screen. But I've already got three large, packed bookshelves in my 12' x 11' room, and even though my collection gives me great joy, what do I plan to do with all of those books once I'm gone? Hopefully, as has been the case with all the books that were passed on to me, my collection will be treasured and preserved. However, I can't be sure or demand, for that matter, that my (currently nonexistent) descendants will have the same love for books that I do, or that they will glean as much satisfaction as I do from seeing the spines of hundreds of adventures displayed along my walls. And I think George R.R. Martin had an excellent point when he was asked about this particular subject at Comic-Con 2011 - it is tiresome to lug around tons of books in your luggage and day packs, when you can trade them all for one compact device.

I know there are differing opinions on this, however, because I used to hold a different opinion on tablets and eReaders. Where do you stand?

How you and your tablet are saving the planet
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  1. I can see the draw of a Kindle, but you need to ask yourself if your books are truly a collection, or just clutter.

  2. I love the idea of tablets. I would like them even more, however, if they smelled like my favorite old books.

    1. Hey, agreed! That's not a bad idea... They should market eReaders that come with "favorite old book" smell. :)

  3. I'm trying to figure out how many required reading books justify the purchase of an eReaders, or two. We'll likely have to do the math next year when the girls hit middle school.