Slaying the Undead In A Top Hat: The Trailer for "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter"

When I saw the cardboard stand-up in my local theater advertising this movie, it pretty much stopped me in my tracks. A film about one of our most beloved and awesome presidents hunting vampires? Yes, please. I'm still a little shy about my excitement for it, however, because I have the utmost respect for Lincoln, and I wouldn't want anyone to think my enthusiasm meant that I feel his legacy needs to be added to in any way. Abraham Lincoln was a hero and an earnest man whose memory stands free from the need for gimmicks or "rebooting."

That said, this movie looks awesome! Hey, if we want to think of our great past president as a force against darkness and the supernatural, that's not so far from the truth, is it? :)

Check out the trailer, then tell me what you think. I think Edward wouldn't stand a chance.

Now, "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" the movie is based on a book by that Seth Grahame-Smith guy who also wrote Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I've yet to read any of his work, so I'll investigate for you guys.

I should add that every time I hear about this film, it reminds me of this fun fact: Charles Dickens himself was a member of The Ghost Club, the oldest organization in the world that exists for the purpose of recording and observing phenomena associated with suspected hauntings. I bet you like Charles Dickens even more now, don't you?


  1. We have Pride & Prejudice and Zombies if you'd like to borrow it :)

    1. Ooh, I most certainly would! Thank you. :)